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Thank God for Memorial Day weekend – one of the bad things about America is the scarcity of holidays. Today I was able to finally settle in and get rid of all the boxes. On Thursday I took the knowledge … Continue reading

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Homes and numbers

I moved into the new place on Thursday, and since then I’ve been arranging my things little by little. Of course, the most important for me were the electronics. I sat down on the sofa and listened to music as … Continue reading

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Discovery Park

The search for an apartment is over at last; I’ll be moving out of temp housing in the next days. This weekend I was so tired, I decided to stay local, even though I no longer have the sword of … Continue reading

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Driving a hybrid

The easiest thing I’ve done in Seattle so far is get a car. I just walked into the Toyota dealership and told them I was interested in a Prius. Within 20 minutes, I had taken a drive, and decided on … Continue reading

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On housing in Seattle

I’ve been in temp housing about a month now, and want to have my own place so I can take my things out of storage: my hi-fi set, my flatscreen, my bike, books. I’m nothing without these! The search for … Continue reading

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Joining the blogosphere

Ah, my selfless motives to join: it was already difficult to keep my friends and family in Madrid well informed, but now that I have left New York to go to Seattle, I have so many more people to give … Continue reading

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