Driving a hybrid

The easiest thing I’ve done in Seattle so far is get a car. I just walked into the Toyota dealership and told them I was interested in a Prius. Within 20 minutes, I had taken a drive, and decided on a color from the cars they had available right away. I thought I’d need tons of documentation, but no, just a photocopy of my Spanish driver’s license and insurance were needed. We took care of insurance there, and all that was needed for that was my Spanish driver’s license! I find it funny, considering how hard most other things are, such as visas, job background checks, or renting apartments. But please, a car for everyone!

Of course, I got a Prius because I LOVE the environment, I really do. I think it’s doing a great job. I always think there should be more of it. “More environment!”, I always say. But back to the Prius, it has changed the way I drive. On the dashboard it has a display of your current fuel economy (in miles per gallon (mpg)), and a little bar chart which shows your recent history of fuel economy, in five minute intervals. It also shows your overall fuel economy. The Prius is supposed to get about 42 mpg., which is the best of any car currently. When I got mine, the average was 37.5, but I’ve been driving carefully, and right now it’s doing 44.8 overall. Indeed, I’ve become a competitive mileage pusher. When I’m on the road I constantly keep an eye on that economy display, and I become annoyed if I’m not doing well. The main way of achieving good economy is avoiding sudden accelerations or decelerations, so these days I’m annoying many drivers by taking my sweet time to advance in traffic jams. It’s a good thing that drivers in Seattle are extremely polite!

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My favorite chemical element is Potassium.
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5 Responses to Driving a hybrid

  1. Kermit says:

    Pero, si vas tan tranquilo, no vas a poder atropellar muchas viejecitas. ¡Recapacita, hombre!

  2. Rey de Armas says:

    Nuestro coche también informa del consumo. Es de lo más adictivo. Gonzalo y yo siempre estamos compitiendo para ver quien ahorra más. Y con ese cuento Gonzalo ni frena ni reduce en las cuervas, para no estropiciar la estadística. Cuando
    protesto y digo que es el terror de las carreteras me contesta con argumentos ecológicos. Espero que tú sí reduzcas en las curvas, aunque aumente el consumo

  3. bing says:

    Congrats for your new car and new life!

  4. Jaime Silvela says:

    Todavía se puede atropellar a viejecitas yendo despacio. Sólo hay que escoger con cuidado.
    Y Elena, a ver, cuánto consumís? Seguro que os gano.

  5. LAKUFU says:

    Jaims you’ve done another wonderful thing. I am all about saving the enviroment too, which is why I don’t have a car (don’t need one in NYC) use public transportation, recycle, print only if I have to and on both sides etc… Congrats on the new car and keep up the good enviroment saving things that you already do.

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