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Even in America, a lot of people were aware that Spain got into the final of the Eurocup, and today, at long last, won. Yesterday I went for a long walk looking for a bar that would show the final, … Continue reading

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My office has a great view

Just wanted to break the monotony of my all-text posts, and make you envious.

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Fire with fire, Apple with Apple

In the last couple of years I’ve become more and more dependent on my laptop (a beautiful MacBook Pro). Before, I used it to program, do email and surf the web. Now, in addition, I keep all my music in … Continue reading

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Green fatigue

It goes like this: Someone: I see you drive a Prius, that’s great! Me: Thanks! Someone: You will find that people in Seattle are very concerned with the environment, unlike in other places. Me: I found there was a high … Continue reading

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Yay for Spain!

If you don’t know, and no matter if you don’t care about football (soccer, for Americans): Spain beat Italy, to advance to semi-finals in the Eurocup. This is historical: we hadn’t made it this far in over 20 years. Next, … Continue reading

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Growing pains

Lately I’ve been very busy, working like a dog. Unlike other times of overwork, I do see the purpose here, and it’s helping me learn, and encouraging me to work smarter – an expression I don’t like, but it fits. … Continue reading

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Too much for the body

It was a storm of a weekend. I went to Buffalo for Andrea’s wedding, saw Niagara Falls, and put up with the airlines… My flight was supposed to get to Buffalo on Friday at midnight, but got delayed a couple … Continue reading

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