Evening skies, or the little camera that could

One of the advantages of my neighborhood, and my apartment, is that I have an enormous, uncluttered view of the sky. I need big skies; one of the reasons that in Manhattan, I could only stand living near Central or Riverside Parks.

Very often, when I get home from work, there is a beautiful evening sky, and I take out my cameras: my beloved Canon EOS Rebel XT (aka EOS 350D), and my new, little, Fujifilm Finepix fd100. I bought the pocket camera to take on social events, or any time the EOS would be conspicuous or cumbersome. Of course, this being me, I did obsessive research into pocket cameras before I settled on the Fuji. I always had a good feeling about that company. They used to make my favorite film (Fuji Superia Reala), and now they’re one of the few innovators in digital cameras.

I’m using the Fuji more than I had anticipated. In bright light it can be almost as good as the Canon, with better color fidelity. Several of the photos in previous posts, on camping trips, and all the photos in the Buffalo and Niagara falls post, were taken with it. Like all pocket cameras, though, it has a small noisy sensor that makes it very grainy in low light situations.

Here are some evening sky photos taken with my little, loyal, camera.


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One Response to Evening skies, or the little camera that could

  1. maria says:

    Las fotos son preciosas, pero a ver cuando te montas en trĂ­pode, y el dispara diferido, y sales tu en alguna.

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