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America the Great

These days the news media has become terribly boring, more so than usual. For a while, I was riveted, following the crisis in Wall Street. There were some interesting articles, and a lot of questions. That quickly gave way to … Continue reading

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How I shave

Following last week’s post on yogurt, here is another one about a minority craft. Shaving has become an enjoyable task for me, in the last few years. It wasn’t always one. I was the first boy in my class to … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman wins Economics Nobel

He’s almost the only reason I keep reading the New York Times. I find their other lead writers, like Friedman and Dowd, both sanctimonious and unimaginative. There is another writer I like, Dan Schnur, who worked for McCain’s campaign in … Continue reading

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Fun with milk

[Note: if you want instructions on making yogurt, without the story, go here] I’m about to begin a discussion of the parameters in yogurt making, and get into technicalities. You may want to skip down to the paragraphs that surround … Continue reading

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My yogurt, my diet

Today I wanted to write an article about making yogurt. When I started to write it, I realized I wanted to tell the story of how I came to make my own yogurt. It’s not a pretty story, be warned, … Continue reading

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Parental visit, time management

Mom and dad were here last week; their first visit to Seattle, or the West Coast in general. Parental visits are the time I usually take things a bit easier. Luckily, a period of extreme busyness at work had just … Continue reading

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