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Pet peeves

This is a collection of sentences, or behaviors, that immediately raise a red flag in my mind. Some of them are not necessarily bad, but in my experience, they have been associated with stupid people. Ample use of emoticons – … Continue reading

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My iMac and my MacBook Pro had been running out of memory and disk space for some time now. After some research online, I found that, even though a hard drive replacement in a MacBook is risky, I could handle … Continue reading

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When I travel home to Madrid, I always dread that first intense exposure to Spaniards, in the airport lounge. I feel ashamed, I wonder why they (we) are so loud, have such a flock mentality, find it so difficult to … Continue reading

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Seattle was not prepared for the onslaught of snow this holiday season. There are not enough snow machines in the city, and the airport is similarly optimistic about the weather. This season gave us the worst weather in many years. … Continue reading

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