My iMac and my MacBook Pro had been running out of memory and disk space for some time now.
After some research online, I found that, even though a hard drive replacement in a MacBook is risky, I could handle it myself. It was fun to buy the screwdrivers and the components. I like doing manual work now and then. Aside from a short, tiny scare, it all went smoothly, and I enjoyed seeing the bowels of my machines.

MacBook Pro entrails

Now they are ready to serve comfortably for another few years.

PS: If you’re looking to replace the hard drive on your MacBook Pro, here are instructions.


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My favorite chemical element is Potassium.
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One Response to Hardware

  1. maria says:

    Me he metido a ver como se hacían los cambios, y me ha parecido que estaba muy bien explicado, así que he metido la página web Fix It entre mis favoritos, y he estado mirando como arreglar problemas . Muy divertido. Aunque espero no usarla nunca.

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