One more for the list of things that peeve me about driving in the US. The other day I was pulled over by a cop in the highway, on my way to work. Though I was going over the speed limit (by a bit only), the reason I was stopped was that the tabs on my license plates had expired. Come again? What are tabs?

Tabs are little stickers in the license plates of vehicles that have a date on them. I had always thought they were simply indicators of vintage. But no, they need to be renewed, at about $100. This can be done entirely over the internet, you can use your credit card (convenient, ey?). Yes, you read right: the car is not inspected in any way, you just have to pay.

Of course, aside from paying for the tabs, I was fined $200, and the little citation calls me a “violator”. I know this isn’t as bad a word in English as it is in Spanish, but it annoys me because I think I’m the victim here. Oh well, taxes must be collected.


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One Response to Traffic

  1. viejecita says:

    ¿Otro como Gallardón, sacando nuevas tasas de debajo de las piedras?
    Creo que si nadie te avisó por escrito de lo de los tabs esos, deberías recurrir la multa.
    Sobre todo porque antes no tenías coche, y no tenías por qué saber esas cosas.
    Son ellos los que tendrían que haberte notificado que tus tabs estaban a punto de caducar.

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