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Who, me?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the relaxed demeanor of people in Seattle, especially compared with the attention-deficient New Yorkers. But people in this area can be infuriatingly inert. Example 1: driving. Drivers here are bad. Not because they’re too … Continue reading

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Greeting the New Year

My apartment has such a good view of the Space Needle, I thought it would be nice to have some friends over to watch the fireworks. Originally I thought it would be just my colleague Sahib, but at SeaTac airport … Continue reading

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Empty office

I was back in Seattle on January 28th and had four days of work before the New Year’s holiday. The office was deserted, so I decided to bring my camera and show you how the new building (since October) looks. … Continue reading

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The snow in Spain

This year, several friends asked me if it would be warm and sunny in Spain, when I told them I’d spend Christmas in Madrid. I’m setting the record straight. The winters are cold. Colder than Seattle, but drier, which is … Continue reading

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