Empty office

I was back in Seattle on January 28th and had four days of work before the New Year’s holiday. The office was deserted, so I decided to bring my camera and show you how the new building (since October) looks.

This is my office. I used to share an office with my friend Jon, but in the new building we all have individual offices. The people who have been long in the company get a window office. I get an office with a view of a window office, occupied by my senior manager. Much better than the old building.

There is a corner in our floor with a microwave oven, vending machines, and a pool table. Nice idea, or not so nice, considering it’s supposed to make it easier to stay longer in the office.

Finally, the cafeteria. It has a great view of Bellevue. When I grab food on my own, I sit in the bar area and watch. So many trees and bodies of water in this region.


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5 Responses to Empty office

  1. ktula says:

    My cubicle was moved just recently from a completely windowless area. The new cubicle also has a view (if i stick my head out) of a window office.

  2. viejecita says:

    I thought the cubicles sounded awful and claustrophobic (at least, they seemed so in the Dilbert cartoons), but these photos are something else!. Maybe with the office full of people it won´ t look so inviting, but as it is, ¡Wow!

  3. I don’t think this would be classified as a cubicle. It’s a proper office. Cubicles typically have low walls, just to avoid visual contact and cushion sound.

    They’re not that bad. At Bear Stearns we didn’t have separators, and got used to that too.

  4. Javier says:

    Está muy bien. A ver si mamá toma nota, y le pone un billar y un “pinball” a la pobre Elena.

  5. Elena says:

    Lo de las dos pantallas de ordenador es una chulada, no se si será práctico o no, lo de la mesa de billar no se si me convence, casi sería mejor no tenerla y no pasar tanto tiempo trabajando, desde luego

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