Greeting the New Year

My apartment has such a good view of the Space Needle, I thought it would be nice to have some friends over to watch the fireworks. Originally I thought it would be just my colleague Sahib, but at SeaTac airport I ran into Janet and Changren, realized some friends would be in Seattle, and started to grow the group. It was 8 of us at the most crowded, which was small enough that I didn’t need to rearrange the living room.

Mission accomplished. We toasted 2010 and avoided crowds and parties.


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2 Responses to Greeting the New Year

  1. ktula says:

    I did not grow up celebrating the New Year – the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year was the bigger event for my family. Thank you so much for inviting us over to spend the New Year celebration with you. There’s nothing better than spending some good time with good wine and good food with some good buddies. The great view out of your balcony most definitely helped!

  2. viejecita says:

    As per usual with you, you did photos of the others, and did not get into any .
    Don´ get me wrong; I love to see your flat looking lovely and warm, and inviting, and your friends chatting relaxedly and having a good time. But next time, please put the automatic on, and get inside, among your friends. At least for some of the shots. Even if the photos are not so well framed as the result of you not being behind the camera , we at home, shall enjoy them enormously.

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