Failed prophecies

A random and brief collection of pieces of advice and predictions I’ve been given that missed the mark.

  • Once you get a job, you will never go back to university.
  • You will never manage to make an American friend.
  • You will find Asian people very aggressive.
  • After a couple of years in Microsoft, you will get rid of all your non-Microsoft electronics.
  • Once you hear our offer, you’ll decide to stay. (Said by the managers of my previous job)
  • After you’ve been in New York four years, you’re hooked and you never want to leave.
  • After you turn 30, you realize you understand pretty much everything. (Said by the dumbest teacher I had in high school)
  • We think you’ll love Blade Runner. (Netflix recommendations)

About Jaime Silvela

My favorite chemical element is Potassium.
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6 Responses to Failed prophecies

  1. viejecita says:

    And some more:

    . This winter is going to be the hottest in history. (In Spain we have had the biggest amount of snow , and the coldest month of february since forever…)
    . This investment is guaranteed by the bank not to fail, which is the reason the interest promised to you is so low ¡Ha!
    . This (car, video, watch, or whatever) will last forever, and you will always be able to find replacement parts. ¡Ha again!
    . This is 100% pure (cotton, silk, linen, cashmere). Then, when you reach home, you find the label that says otherwise, but are not given your money back.
    . This is washable by hand. ¡Ha!

    . And last but not least: After 45, a woman’s life is not worth living ! ( This is the falsest of all)

  2. Miwa says:

    -“I will never need a smartphone (esp. the iPhone)” LOL

  3. elena says:

    You never regret the things that you do, only the ones you don´t

  4. Meaning you think this, or it’s a failed prediction for you?
    It sort of works for me. I regret plenty that I do, but inaction feels particularly painful, like cheating myself.

  5. viejecita says:

    Once you are old enough, you sometimes regret what you did, or what you did not do, but what you very often regret are the things you said. Bad things, but good things too.
    Especially in cases when you could just as well have remained silent.
    And this is not a prediction, but a statement after the fact.

  6. Elena says:

    Yes, sometimes inaction is horrible, you feel a coward, etc, but i regret plenty of things that i´ve done, sometimes stupid things like buying something (other times i am soo happy about it), sometimes not so stupid.

    I envy people who never think about the decisions they made, and certainly, once they do someting, they don´t think maybe it wasn´t a good thing to do. I tend to torture myself until it is clear it wasn´t a bad decision (i torture myself even more after inaction, so it so it is rather impractical)

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