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Long weekend in the San Juan Islands

A well deserved break. I took Friday off and went to Alberto and Kristy’s place at an indecently early hour so we could catch the first ferry, and we all left for a weekend in San Juan Island. It was … Continue reading

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My view

It’s been over a month now since I left the Seattle apartment with the spectacular view. I can’t say I don’t miss it at all, but, as I thought would happen, being able to walk to work is more than … Continue reading

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Achilles tendon

I hadn’t run in a long time, perhaps six months. Last summer I read the very entertaining Born to Run, a book about a group of long distance runners, and the mechanics of running barefoot or almost barefoot. I became … Continue reading

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People skills

It happens most of the times I use the ATM in the Bank of America branch closest to my office: an unnaturally eager employee greets me and asks me if she can assist me. “No thanks, I just want to … Continue reading

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That touch of class

This weekend, my old landlord, Greg, had a farewell gathering at my (his) old apartment before it gets sold. I was curious to see what the decorators had done with it: in this area, apartments are shown furnished to make … Continue reading

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Animation’s new clothes

Finally I managed to watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which, together with Ponyo and Up, seems to have been one of the great animation films of the past year. It was the one I hadn’t yet seen. The three of … Continue reading

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