People skills

It happens most of the times I use the ATM in the Bank of America branch closest to my office: an unnaturally eager employee greets me and asks me if she can assist me. “No thanks, I just want to use the ATM”. Sometimes she’ll walk to the door, wait for me and thank me for banking with them when I leave.

On Friday, as I was walking to the bank, I noticed two employees outside. I thought I was in luck, but no.
“Can we assist you?”
“Thanks, I just want to use the ATM.”
Then one of the employees went inside with me to explain that one of the ATMs was out of order, but I could use the other one. While I was making the withdrawal, she asked me if I was happy with my bank account. “Oh yes, everything’s great!”. Again, on leaving, I got thanked for banking with them.

I think I’m not going back. There is another Bank of America branch not too far, and thank God, the ATMs are on the outside.


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5 Responses to People skills

  1. Miwa says:

    Before you switch to the new branch, go to this branch one last time and when they approach you, shout (tearfully, if you can) “Leave me alone!!” and run.

  2. ktula says:

    May be, just may be, if they had spent a portion of their money (wasting time greeting ATM customers costs money!) improving what i think is the worst online banking website on this planet, they would have been able to retain a few more customers. Can you believe in this day and age that you still cannot download a PDF statement from a bank?

  3. @ktula Well, you know how marketing geniuses work. What do people want in a bank? Reliability? Good interest rates? Nah, let’s give them a cheesy personal touch.

    @Miwa I learned in teenage that that is the worst thing if you really want to be left alone!

  4. viejecita says:

    ¡Ha!. You must also have learnt that “some people” will refuse to leave you alone, no matter what.
    So, perhaps, the best way to act with those people, is to go towards them, and just ask what they want. And when, they say that they would like you to transfer your account to their bank, just ask them for all kinds of papers, for information on their branch, and tell them you need a lapse of time to study them on your own, and need not to feel pushed in order to make your decision.
    Maybe , just maybe, they will let you be. At least for a while. And you will not have to go further away, and, more to the point, will not have to stand outside while you get your money.

    • In this case, though, I already have my account with them, so they’re not really asking for anything.
      The thing is, I think some people do like the attention, and for some people, it does work. Otherwise, this type of thing would have disappeared long ago.

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