That touch of class

This weekend, my old landlord, Greg, had a farewell gathering at my (his) old apartment before it gets sold. I was curious to see what the decorators had done with it: in this area, apartments are shown furnished to make them more appealing, even if they are not meant to be sold furnished. A designer or decorator, or someone with certified “good taste”, makes the arrangements.

Greg, on greeting me, told me that some of the decorator’s choices were not necessarily his own.
I am of the same opinion:

And I didn’t take a picture of the fake animal fur rugs and African vases in the living room!


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3 Responses to That touch of class

  1. viejecita says:

    To think how careful you were not to hang any pictures on the walls, (except where there already were fixtures they could be attached to), so as not to damage the surface, and now to see those antlers …!!!

  2. viejecita says:

    ¡Muy bueno!

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