My view

It’s been over a month now since I left the Seattle apartment with the spectacular view. I can’t say I don’t miss it at all, but, as I thought would happen, being able to walk to work is more than adequate compensation, and there are other advantages to the new place. More than anything, what I miss about the old place is how it impressed my guests.

For daily living, all I need is a window where I can see some sky. Trees are welcome too.

About Jaime Silvela

My favorite chemical element is Potassium.
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2 Responses to My view

  1. viejecita says:

    At least one will not suffer from vertigo when looking out the window! ( I had to stay as far as I could from your old terrace ).

  2. Javier says:

    Hombre, seguro que, cuando no llueva (lo que no debe de pasar mucho por ahí), la vista mejora.

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