Summer spring cleaning

I spent this weekend tidying up all my papers. The new apartment had been presentable for a while already, but I had an unpleasant feeling about my mountain of papers, which had been growing over the years.

I started working Saturday morning. Opening all my unopened bank statements, rounding up all the warranties that had expired, the instruction manuals for things I had no longer, the loose receipts that were relevant.

Before I knew it, three hours had passed, and I had started to develop a back pain. But this was exciting, the end was in sight, and I kept going with manic energy. At about 8:30 I declared victory and lay on my back to ease the pain. On Sunday I bought some extra envelopes and organizers, and now everything is accounted for, and takes a third of the space. And it’s out of sight, in the closet. Ahhh!

Impressive: about 10 hours of work. I never again want to go through this for paperwork.


About Jaime Silvela

My favorite chemical element is Potassium.
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3 Responses to Summer spring cleaning

  1. viejecita says:

    You swear this is not going to happen again. That you are going to tidy every paper the moment it is read.
    But the task is impossible to achieve.
    Because certain papers should be kept for at least 5 years, and some for even longer. And you would like to throw away all that feels like clutter. But clutter does not have the same meaning for you, than , for instance, for the tax inspector.
    ¡Siento ser tan chafona!

  2. viejecita says:

    There’s nothing like a little bit of rain on a parade, or a wedding, to bring good luck!

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