A hummingbird in winter

Today it snowed in Seattle; or I assume so, because it snowed in Bellevue:

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It was a short flurry, not enough to blanket the ground. After lunch, I went for a walk, camera in hand, and caught a glimpse of a hummingbird when passing next to a flower garden. I saw it fly to a near tree, and I decided to wait still, next to the flower garden. After a couple of minutes, the hummingbird came back and started hovering over the flowers. I was able to catch it on High Definition (720p). I need to learn how to shoot video properly with this camera, but here goes (click on image to go to the video):

Hummingbird on the first snow day. Bellevue. Nov 21 2010.

Was I lucky!


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One Response to A hummingbird in winter

  1. viejecita says:

    That was not luck, it was patience. Not everyone would have waited for the hummingbird to return. Especially on a cold snowy day. ¬°Estupendo!

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