Dark days, dark days. Well, no, I exaggerate. Things are moving along in Luxembourg, at home and in the office too. Little by little I’m getting settled.

But this place makes some things really difficult. All shops are closed on Sundays, and close at 6:30 the rest of the days. Reminds me of the UK. How are you supposed to get groceries after work?
Even harder for me, the wifi situation is quite bad. Luxembourg doesn’t ban smoking in bars and restaurants, and the wifi cafes/bistros I’ve seen so far reek of smoke, both new and stale.
There are a couple of organic bistros that are saving my Saturdays, but on Sundays they’re closed, so … I’m writing this post from a McDonald’s. I admit it. I need internet every day.

Ah, Luxembourg, the city that never sleeps.

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On a funner side of things, even though I moved two weeks ago to my new apartment, my stuff from Seattle is still in transit. I’m so happy that I brought my sleeping bag from the US! Camping at home is enjoyable, and I recommend it to everyone:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The prospects are good for this week. With any luck, I’m getting home access to the internet tomorrow morning, and my things from Seattle should be here on Friday.

And then I’ll show these Luxembourgers just how things are done.

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One Response to Marooned

  1. viejecita says:

    ¡Good luck for tomorrow!
    The moment you have internet at home, you will no longer need the wifi places. But while the bad weather lasts, (later on you will be able to explore around ), ¿ what are you going to do with your sundays? ¿go to church?

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