More and more, I am convinced that narrative is the best way to learn, design, carry out. More and more, I reject books or articles that present information statically, as if it were final, as if there were nowhere to go.

In this brief talk, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, idols of mine and creators of South Park, explain how to tell a good story:


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3 Responses to Narrative

  1. viejecita says:

    So, what do we do , the people whose mind jumps, with no obvious “therefore, or but “, in between, from one narrative to the next, knowing the link exists, but not being able to show the link until much later, when the tale is over and forgotten by the one we were telling the story to ?
    Shall we have to analyze all, before we say anything ? Because for some of us, that would be much too hard. And so, for us, the solution would be to shut up. A bit harsh , as a solution, I’m afraid. Especially, if we were not training as narrators…

    • Write things down, come back to them, refine your stories and your arguments as needed. There is no shame in presenting a great story, or a crystal-clear argument, “a few days late”. How often do you hear “this was a great movie, but I don’t like it because it took long to make”?
      Easy reading, hard writing.

  2. viejecita says:

    And besides, there is a word Trey and Parker have missed : ” meanwhile “. This would introduce a seemingly unrelated narrative… until the moment the different stories converged. Or not ( I love stories with threads that get lost in the end ).
    So there !

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